The Effect of our Sin

Today’s reading is Hosea 11: 1-7

rootedchristThe next two days we’ll be looking at another of my favorite passages of scripture, Hosea 11.  Hosea is a powerful book.  Hosea is a prophet and God calls him to marry Gomer who is adulterous and is unfaithful to him over and over again.  This is a metaphor for Israel’s unfaithfulness to God, but also shows the unfailing, undeserved love that God has for his people, no matter how great their sin may be.

The reason why I love this passage is that we begin by seeing (and we see it even more so in Chapter 10) how frustrated and heartbroken God is with Israel.  He taught them to walk.  He loved them with kindness.  His heart is broken because of their sin.  He should give them up.  He should walk away.  He should be judgement and destruction because of their sin.  His love for them breaks His heart.

Do we think about the effect that our sin has upon God?  How our sins heart Him?  Drive the nail more into His hand?  We think we can get away it, or no one sees it, or it doesn’t matter.  But every sin, each one.  They break the heart of God. We see that clearly in this text.

Today, may we remember the effect that our sin has upon our loving God.

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