Jesus Paid it All

Today’s reading is Isaiah 53: 1-6

rootedchristThe next two days we will be reading another of my (Andy) favorite chapters in the Bible.  We will be looking at Isaiah 53.  This is one of the suffering servant passages of Isaiah.  In these passages, the prophet speaks of someone who would suffer to redeem the people. For us as Christians, when we read this, we see these as being direct prophecies to Jesus. We see these passages referenced repeatedly in the Gospel and New Testament as pointing directly to Jesus Christ.  I think that this chapter is one of the most significant and important in scripture.

This passage paints a picture of what it is that Jesus did for us on the cross.  I hope you’ll go back and read it again.  Look at what it says.  Listen for the spirit of God within it.  He was crushed for our sins.  We are healed by his wounds. And listen to this big one.  On Him were placed the iniquities of us all.  All of us.  All our sin.  All our stuff.  All our failings.  Mine.  Yours.  The entire world.  It was placed upon Jesus. All of it.

He took it all.  He paid it all. As the old hymn goes – Jesus paid it all.  Thank you God!  You don’t have to carry around those sins anymore.  Jesus has paid the price for all us, that we can be free.  On Him were all of our iniquities.  On Him were all of our sins.  Through Jesus, we are forgiven.

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