God’s Last Hope?

Today’s reading is 1 Kings 19: 11-17

rootedchristToday we read Elijah in the cave. The Lord tells him that He will come and speak to Elijah, but Elijah had to listen. Thunder and lightning and fire, all these things appear, but the Lord is not in them.  It is in the still, small, whisper that the Lord comes.  If Elijah had not been listening at that moment, he may have missed. Still, small whispers are hard to hear and easy to miss.

We have to pay attention to hear God’s voice. Sometimes He may smack us over the head. But that is not often.  Most times we have to pay attention when we read. We have to pay attention when we pray. We have to pay attention when we worship. The Lord still longs to speak to us and in fact, is still speaking to us.   We must make sure that we are listening.

We also see that Elijah has been saying that he is the only one left that worships the Lord.    The Lord says, no.  I have many, many that have not kissed the feet of Ba’al.  I think of the words of one of my college professors, “You’re not God’s last hope.”  Elijah was not God’s last hope.  Neither as you.  God has more up His sleeve than you can ever imagine. Trust.

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