What We Desire

Today’s reading is Psalm 21

rootedchristPsalm 21 is a bookend to Psalm 20.  We see the Psalmist talking about his heart’s desire previously, now we see that has been fulfilled.  He has been given that desire.  What is it?  To sing of God’s steadfast love.  Yes, the king has been given all these things.  Yes, the king has been given life and the crown, and things such as this.  But how does this Psalm end?  We will sing and praise your power.  The king is only the king because the Lord is the Lord.  The king’s power does not come from his hand or his might, but it comes from the Lord.  He trusts in the Lord, and his trust is not misplaced. Because of the Lord, the King rules.

Today, all of our victories are because of the Lord. We are not strong and powerful because of ourselves.  We are where we are because of the mighty right hand of the Lord. Trust in Him.  He will keep you.  He will make His face to shine upon you.  He will not put you to shame.  Trust in the hand of the Lord.  Sing of His power and might.  Live in that.  Desire Him alone.  And you will have your heart’s desires fulfilled.

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