Our Heart’s Desire

Today’s reading is Psalm 20

rootedchristToday’s Psalm has in it one of the verses of scripture that can be (and often is) misinterpreted.  Verse four says this – “May he grant you your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your plans.”  Hey, hey, the Lord is going to grant my heart’s desires!  Awesome!  I’m getting what I want!  Name it and claim it, whatever my heart desires, I’m going to get, this is awesome.

If we believe this and do this, we are taking this verse out of context.  Scripture is clear that all God wants to give us is Himself.  God will grant us the desires of our hearts when our heart’s desire is God.  God’s purpose is to make us happy at all times, God desires to make us holy, to restore that which sin and the fall have taken.  God’s greatest desire is for us to desire Him. When we do that, when our heart desires Him above all else, He will grant us that desire. That’s the proper context and point of this verse.  This is not an admonition for us to wish for whatever we want and make God about a magic genie. This is a Biblical encouragement for us to seek after God, above all else.  If we do that, we will find Him.  And when we find Him, we will find all our heart desires.  

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