The Glory of God

Today’s reading is Psalm 19

rootedchristIn today’s reading, we see two examples of where we can see the glory and wisdom of God.  First is in creation and second is in His Word.  Psalm 19 starts off by pointing to the truth that creation points to God’s glory and God’s power.  Creation is not be worshiped, but creation is to be honored and cared for in the same ways that other sacred things point us to the Father.  Creation shows the glory of God.  I think often about the beauty of creation, how it isn’t “necessary.”  No one “needs” a beautiful sunset.  But yet God still created that beauty.  No one “needs” the beauty of the stars in the heaven.  But God created that beauty anyway.  This beauty in creation points us to the beauty of the Creator.  Do we take time to notice?  Do we take time to appreciate that beauty each day?

The second example we see of God’s glory is in His Word.  This Psalm speaks of the beauty of the Law and statues how they teach, they revive, they point. When was the last time we stopped and truly listened for God’s voice in scripture?  Not read for information, not read to find out if we were right or to show that they are wrong.  But simply stilled ourselves and listened for God’s voice?  If we do that, we will hear. We will.  We will hear Him through His Word.

Today, look for God’s glory.  We will find it in creation and we will find it in His Word.  May we be looking, may we be listening.

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