In the Storm

Today’s reading is Acts 27: 13-38

rootedchristToday we see Paul’s encouragement to his shipmates, don’t lose heart.  God has a plan, Paul must get to Rome.  As bad as it may look or appear right now God is not done with Paul, God desires that he take the Good News to all the world.  So Paul keeps encouraging, Paul keeps pushing, Paul keeps working, Paul keeps at it.  He trusts in what God has told Him.  And he uses that knowledge to encourage others.

That is good for us to hear and think about today.  We know that in the end, God wins. We know that in the end, the storm will pass, that God has a plan, all will be well.  We know that. We really do. We believe that.  Even if we struggle to understand that or hold onto that, we know it to be true.  If we know it to be true, let’s encourage each other.  Let’s encourage those in the storm.  Paul knew it would be ok because God had promised him that it would be.  He has promised us the exact same thing.  Let’s have faith.  Let’s trust.  And just like Paul, let’s encourage each other, no matter how bad the storm.

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