Today’s reading is Acts 23: 12-22

rootedchristToday we see a man of courage.  Paul’s nephew hears what is going to happen to him. Now, he must have loved his uncle Paul, but to go to the leaders and tell them all that was to happen, that would be terrifying.   It would have been easy to shrink before this moment, to say that the moment was too great, that he could not do it.  To go before the tribune, to tell what he knew, this may endanger his own life.  This was a risk.  This took courage.

Courage is an important thing.  CS Lewis once said it was the virtue by which all other virtues are tested.  If he had lacked courage, who knows what would have happened to Paul. But, he didn’t.  He was brave.  He stood strong.  He was brave in the moment of testing.  He had courage.  Now, courage is not not being afraid.  It is being afraid and doing the right thing, anyway.

Today, have courage. Trust in God.  He has this. Be brave.  Trust.  Be faithful. Have courage.  God is in the midst of this.  Don’t waver.  Have courage.

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