Eye of the Hurricane

Today’s reading is Acts 21: 27-40

rootedchristHave you noticed how many time Paul finds himself in the eye of the hurricane?  One thing that always impresses me about Paul in scripture that he keeps a cool head.  He never seems to be flustered.  That would be hard for me.  I think about how easy I can be thrown off by a change in my schedule or by something unexpected happening.  It seems like that never really happens to Paul. Here’s my thinking why.  Paul has this supreme trust in God.  Think this results in two truths for Paul in times of uncertainty.

First, he knows that God will work it all out, as it should be.  Now maybe this won’t be exactly as Paul may make like or prefer it, but it will all work for good. Paul believes that and he trusts that.  Even in challenging times.

Second, he knows that every opportunity is a chance to point to what Jesus has done for him.  Huge mob?  He can talk about Jesus.  Hauled before authorities?  He can talk about Jesus.  No matter what happens, he can talk about Jesus.  Paul doesn’t waste these opportunities to talk about Jesus.

These truths give Paul confidence and courage in difficult situations.  May they do the same for us.

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