Where is Home?

Today’s reading is Acts 20: 13-16

rootedchristPaul traveled all over the world.  Remember in his day; very few traveled far from home.  Most people, especially those in the Holy Land, would really venture no further than Jerusalem to worship for Passover.  Most people existed within the local context that they were born into. This seems very different than our world we many of us travel further daily for work than they would have ever dreamed of traveling.

But for Paul, he wanted to return to Jerusalem for Pentecost. This wasn’t home for him, Tarsis was home. This wasn’t even where he got saved, that happened on the road to Damascus. But yet, Jerusalem was the home of the church; it was where she was born.  And for Paul, on this day, we wanted to return “home.” Where is “home” for you?  Maybe it is the place of your birth. Maybe it is where you went to college at, met your spouse at, met Jesus at. We’ve all got a home, where the significant moments of our life happened.

But for us as Christians, our home is where we are, because as believers, we are filled with the indwelling of Christ.  He lives within us and abides with us daily.  My favorite singer Rich Mullins once sang “I’m home, anywhere, if you are where I am.”  Today, may that truth be known within us.  He is always with us.

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