Trust. Obey.

Today’s reading is Acts 19: 21-41

rootedchristFollowing Jesus will not always result in peace.  In America, particularly in the south, we tend to think about following Jesus like a fairy tale.  You get saved, your life turns around, everyone loves you. We see today in Acts, that isn’t always the case.  Paul was following Jesus.  He was preaching the word that Jesus had for him.  He was doing what Jesus wanted. And the town almost burned down.  Follow Jesus almost caused a riot.  Jesus changes things.  Jesus shakes things up.  Jesus will not leave well enough alone.

Follow Jesus may not always be easy or fun. But it will always be worth it.  It will always be life.  Never doubt that. Even when it’s hard and a challenge. It’s always worth it.  Trust.  Obey.  Follow. Find life.  He is always worth it.

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