Do We Really Know Him?

Today’s reading is Acts 19: 1-20

rootedchristToday we see Paul continue to preach and many miracles performed through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Later in our reading today, we have a very interesting passage, the “sons of Sceva.”  In this passage, Paul has performed many miracles and many of envious of the power that he has.  Always be aware in life, that there will be envy.  We have to guard ourselves against that as well. Are we envious of what others have in their lifestyle?  Are we envious of what others have in their gifts? It is easy to see others have things (material or spiritual) and desire them.  Let’s be aware of our impulses for envy.

We see within this text though, that the sons of Sceva try to perform miracles, not knowing who Jesus is. They don’t know Him personally; they don’t have a real relationship with Him; they only know Him through the powers of others.  I think for us, this posits the questions, do we know Jesus for ourselves?  Or do we only know about Him through others?  In our lives, let’s focus on our own walk with Him. Let’s make sure we know Him, serve Him, and follow Him.  As our walk with Him grows, my our life be filled with His grace and His peace.

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