Stand Strong

Today’s reading is Acts 18: 1-17

rootedchristOne of the things that always strikes me about Paul is his bravery.  He constantly faces opposition and push back from everyone.  Even when the town leaders didn’t condemn him, like Gallio, they also didn’t defend him; Gallio watched Paul be beaten.  No one had Paul’s back, not religious or political leaders. No one.  He must have felt very alone and at times, even abandoned.  Sure, he made friends and co-workers along the way that strengthened him, but I’m sure at the end of the day, at times, he felt beaten down.  I think that is why the Lord speaking to him in a vision is so important.

The Lord says, do not be afraid. Speak these words.  I have a purpose for you. Be faithful.  Hold fast to what is good.  Don’t give up. Don’t give up.  That may be a word you need to hear this morning. Don’t give up. God has a plan for you today. God has a mission for you today.  God is not done with you today.  No matter what you are facing, don’t give up.  Paul didn’t, even though it was hard. And look what God did through him. Don’t give up.

Today, may we find that strength through God to not give up.  To hold fast to what is right. To stand strong.  To be brave. To not give up in the midst of the struggle.  He wasn’t finished with Paul yet.  He isn’t done with you either.

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