How to Make a Difference

Today’s reading is Acts 16: 16-40

rootedchristHere’s why I love this passage today. What did Paul and Silas do to lead the jailer to faith in Jesus?  Yes, when the moment came they could explain their faith and talk about Jesus. But that wasn’t what lead this jailer to faith.  Paul and Silas had been preaching for a while, had even been thrown in prison for it.  So more than likely, the jailer knew of their faith. That wasn’t what triggered this change. What, then, did it?

Paul and Silas could have escaped; we see in Acts other Christians escape from prison. But they didn’t.  They stayed. The jailer knew that he would be put to death if his prisoners escaped, was ready to kill himself when Paul said, no.  Don’t. We are right here. This is what spurred the jailer to conversion. The sacrifice of Paul and Silas They could have, most folks would have, escaped.  They didn’t.  They sacrificed their freedom, did the right thing, and made a difference.

The differences we make are there, in moments of grace and sacrifice. That’s how we change the world. That’s how we make a difference. Not with arrogance or pride, or smooth words. But sacrifice.  Love. Grace. That truly changes things.

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