Who God Uses

Today’s reading is Acts 16: 1-15

rootedchristWe see two new people enter into Paul’s story today.  We see Timothy, and we see Lydia.  Both became part of Paul’s story, but even more importantly, part of the story of the church as it began to grow into new areas and new place and with new people. We see first, Timothy, a young man, whose father is Greek.  He would not have been someone that would have been normally considered to be a person that God would use to spread the Good News of Jesus. But, that is just who he is and just what God does. God uses Timothy as a strength to Paul as Paul mentors and pours into Timothy, thus making Paul more effective, and God uses Timothy to change the world through his preaching, his leadership, and his love for Jesus.

Lydia converts today and becomes a leader in the church.  In this culture, as a woman that may have been unexpected. But in Christ, there is neither male or female, neither Greek or Jew, for we are all one in Christ.  Look who God uses? Everyone. The young like Timothy, women like Lydia.

God used them. God will use you today, if you will allow. God used them for great things for the Gospel. What will He use you for today?

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