Remember Who You Are

Today’s reading is Acts 15: 22-35

rootedchristToday we see the results of the debate of the previous chapter.  We see that the leaders of the church tell these Gentile believers that, no, you don’t have to be Jewish. You simply follow Jesus.  There are, however, a couple of things. They are told:

abstain from what has been sacrificed to idols and from blood and from what is strangled and from fornication. 

They live in a society that has different expectations about food. About worship.  About sex. They are told, avoid food that has been strangled.  Respect life.  Life matters, even the life of the food we eat. The Lord created all of this.  Respect God’s creation.

Don’t eat that food dedicated to idols. This was a huge cultural thing. So much food in that culture was dedicated to idols. This is about who you worship.  You worship God, and God alone.  It doesn’t matter what they do. Remember who you are.

Be aware that in a culture awash with sensuality and that was oversexualized, that this gift is reserved for the covenantal relationship of marriage.  It doesn’t matter what they do — Rembmer who you. 

So, these early disciples, in many ways, kept the heart of the law, if not the exact letter.  Be different. Be who God has called you to be.  Remember who you are.  Remember whose you are.  They didn’t have to “keep” the law.  They had to live it.  

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