Two Narratives

Today’s reading is Acts 13: 13-35

rootedchristWe see a couple of narratives within the book of Acts. Last week we saw that through the Holy Spirit God is doing something new.  We see the old dietary holiness code no longer binding.  This is symbolic that now the movement of God is not just for the Jewish people, but not it is for anyone who chooses to believe.  It is a new thing, a new covenant, a new moment.  God is doing, and still doing, something new.  All who believe in Christ will become a new creation.  God is at work in new and exciting ways.

Today though we see a second narrative.  Yes, it is new, but it is fully grounded in what God has already done.  Paul recounts that God has moved throughout the Old Testament.  God freed the slaved, God raised up David and Jesus is from the line of David. So yes, this is a new covenant, but it is an extension of the old covenant.  God has always been at work and remains at work.  God’s work is grounded in covenant.  It’s grounded in His movement.  It’s grounded in who He is.  Yes, it is new.  But it also as old as creation.

Let Him do a new work within each of us. But let us also be aware of what He has done in days of old.

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