A Faith Thing

Today’s reading is Acts 11: 1-18

rootedchristHave you noticed how many times thus far we have heard some iteration of this story?  Believers preaching to Gentiles and the Gentiles receiving the Holy Spirit, just like they did.  We see it many, many times in the book of Acts.  I always think about something a mentor of mine once said.  If you see something mentioned once in scripture, that’s a big deal. But, if you see it mentioned again (and again and again) that’s God’s way of saying, pay attention. We see it so often in Acts, the family of God is now open to all who believe. It’s not an ethnic thing.  It’s not a geographic thing.  Its’ a faith thing.  If you believe, there is room for you in the family.

Today, we see Peter, once again, tell how he went and preached to the Gentiles, after seeing the vision from God, to never call someone unclean that God has made clean.  Jesus died for the world. All the world. The world we like and the world we don’t like.  As our kids used to say, God don’t make no junk.

Today, show God’s love to all who you meet. Because that’s exactly who Jesus died for.  Oh, and by the way, you are among that number too.  You too are loved.

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