The Power of Faithfulness

Today’s reading is Acts 8: 26-39

rootedchristToday, we see the world changed.  Phillip continues his preaching and today he is led by the Holy Spirit to the Ethiopian Eunuch.  He is returning home from Jerusalem, reading the prophets.  He doesn’t understand.  Phillip teaches him about how all the Old Testament is pointing to Jesus.  At this point, he comes to believe and is baptized.  Then he continues home to Ethiopia.

Ethiopia, to this day, is a Christian country.  Phillip, in being obedient to the Holy Spirit, enabled the Gospel to be preached for centuries in this country.  This Eunuch took the good news of Jesus back home to his people, and millions have made that decision to follow Jesus.  Millions have entered into eternal life because of Phillip’s act of faithfulness.

Phillip didn’t know that this would happen.  He didn’t know the effect that his faithfulness would have.  He was just being faithful. And God honored it.  Today, you have no idea how you act of faithfulness can change the world.  You have no idea the difference you can make.  You can literally change someone’s world.  And who knows who all will be changed because of that.  Be faithful. Follow Jesus.  See what happens. Who knows what God will do with our small acts of faithfulness.

He may change the world, all over again.

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