The Power We Have

Today’s reading is Acts 8: 1-25

rootedchristToday, we see someone new enter the scene.  We see Saul.  Saul approved of this killing.  Remember this.  We’ll see Saul again soon. But remember that at this Saul not only approved of Stephen’s death but also was seeking to destroy the church.

We see that the believers began to scatter as persecution became stronger in Jerusalem.  This should be enough to make the people lose heart. But, what do they do instead?  They go forth and they preach. Wherever they find themselves, they preach, and people come to believe the good news of Jesus Christ!  They see signs, they see wonders, people are saved.

Simon though, he is amazed by the power that he sees through the Holy Spirit and he wants to buy it. He is quickly corrected. This power is not for sale, but it is freely given to all who believe.  Think about the power we have in Jesus Christ. Forgiveness.  Grace.  Hope.  Assurance.  Strength.

This power we have, it is God’s power to change the world.  It is. Today, live in it.

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