We Can’t Do Everything

Today’s reading is Acts 6: 1-7

rootedchristWe can’t do everything. That is actually a common lesson throughout the Bible. We see Moses learn it from his father-in-law Jethro. We see how many people in scripture have folks walking beside them, from the prophets to the Disciples being sent out two-by-two, to even Jesus with His friends and followers.  We see that we need each other.  We see that we need help. We see that we can’t do everything.

So, two things today. First, know this – you can’t do everything.  Now, you can try.  You can try your dead level best to do everything and you will exhaust yourself.  You will burn out.  You will break.  It will happen.  You can’t do everything. It’s just not possible.

That then leads to the second thing – do what you are called to do.  The Apostles, their calling was teaching.  It was leading.  It was the word. They didn’t have the time or the calling to take care of all the widows. But you know what?  That task was important.  It needed to be done. Just not by them.

Today, slow down.  Look at what you are doing. And make sure you doing what God has called you to do.  You weren’t called to do everything.  But you were called, you were made, to do something.  Do that.

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