What Do We Seek?

Today’s reading is Acts 5: 17-42

rootedchristOne of the common refrains that we see in Acts is the suffering of the early church.  They were doing the right thing, proclaiming Jesus, and they suffered greatly for it.  But what was their response?  Not, Lord, save me from this but give me the grace to be faithful.

Goodness, I don’t want to suffer.  I want to be comfortable.  We all do.  None of us want to hurt, or have pain, or have opposition.  We all want things to go as easy as possible. That’s human nature.  That is what we desire.

But here’s the thing.  We can’t seek comfort.  We must seek faithfulness.  I’m not saying we should run after pain either. I’m saying we should run after faithfulness.  If we are faithful, if we do what we are commanded by God, all will be well.  I don’t mean all will be easy or painless. But all will be well. There will be peace. There will be assurance. There will be hope. Because there will be Jesus.

The followed after Jesus, no matter what. And because of that, they attained life. And that is truly what we are all seeking, life.  Today, be faithful.  In all things, be faithful.  And God will take care of the rest.

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