What Does Healing Mean?

Today’s reading is Acts 5: 12-16

rootedchristOne of the common things that we see happen throughout Scripture is healing.  We see people healed. We see it in the Old Testament. We see it in the Gospels. We see it throughout the New Testament.  People are healed.

What does that mean for us?  Should we be trying to heal people?  What about when someone truly faithful gets sick and isn’t healed?  Was their faith no enough?  Healing can seem scary or can seem like too much.

Yet, there is no denying that people are healed all throughout the Bible. What does this mean for us?

To me, it means this.  Jesus heals.  Now sometimes the healing is physical.  Yes, that happens. But it doesn’t always happen. The healing is not always physical.  It is always spiritual.  Sometimes it is emotional.  Sometimes it is just in the soul, but not in the body.  But there is healing.

Jesus always heals.  Always.  He heals our brokenness.  He heals our pain.  He heals our heart.  He heals our hurt.  He heals us.

It isn’t always physical. And it’s normally not all at once. But it will happen.  He will bring it.  He will bring healing to His children.

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