This week’s reflections are written by Rev. Brian Johnston, one of our Associate Pastors here at St. Matthew’s

Rooted 2019 – Week Fifteen Day Four

Today’s reading is Acts 4: 23-31

rootedchristNow that Peter and John were released, they joined their friends to tell them what happened.  In this moment they joined together in prayer and praise of God. When they finished their prayer, God responded by shaking the ground and filling them with the Holy Spirit.  What we noticed is that after Peter and John witnessed in Jerusalem, they joined their friends with prayer and praise. They worshiped God. This shows us that not only do we need to live a life that points to God but we must continue to worship God with other believers.  It is in those moments that the Holy Spirit can move through us with boldness. We live in a world today where the rate of Christians attending worship is declining. There are issues impacting all of us that need God’s people to speak and act with boldness. What is God calling you to do or say today?  Will you allow the Holy Spirit to move through you with boldness. Maybe you are feeling the spiritual nudge to invite your co-workers to church or maybe you feel the pull to give some of your resources/time to help those in need? There are a thousand different things that God could be calling you to do in this moment.  The best way to discern this is to follow the example of the apostles. Spend time in prayer, worship, and community. Then you will feel the Holy Spirit rush into your life and give you the strength you need to act boldly for the Lord.

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