Not Done Yet

Today’s reading is Luke 22: 47-71

rootedchristPeter gets it right in life more than he gets it wrong.  He really does.  Look at his life.  Now, we see the moments he gets it wrong, and we remember those.  We think about that.  We laugh at those.  Oh Peter, bless his heart!  We’ve all seen it; we’ve all said it.  Poor Peter.

Yeah, he messed up a few times in scripture, but this one.  This one stings.  This one hurts.  Jesus says in scripture whoever denies Him before others, He will deny before His Father.  Well guess what Peter did today?  Just that.  Not once, not twice, but three times he denies knowing Jesus.

Everyone falls down.  Even Peter.  Not in a “talks too much” way, but in a moment of great brokenness.  Of utter failure.  Of just blowing it.  Peter blew it today.  He did. He fell.  He betrayed.  He denied.

So, let’s be kind to those that have fallen and messed up. Those that have failed. Because Jesus as God wasn’t done with Peter, He isn’t done with them yet either.

He is done with us yet, either.

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