Jesus’ Authority

Today’s reading is Luke 20: 1-26

rootedchristToday’s readings have a lot to do with Jesus’ authority.  He’s being questioned by the religious leaders, who are trying to undermine Him and keep people from following Him.  In the first and third sections today we see them try to trap on notions of authority and human politics, but in point cases, He points to the higher wisdom that comes from His Father.  He is not trying to have the arguments that they are having. He is always trying to point to the true purpose of God purpose, even if the people don’t get it.

But when He drops the true wisdom and knowledge from God, people understand that Jesus is truly different than they are and different than what they expected.  His wisdom is not from humans but from God.  This almost reminds me of King Solomon, were folks realize, wow. This guy is truly gifted (or from) God. They saw God’s power and wisdom through Him. Thus they didn’t question or try to trap Him, again.

But the middle story is where Jesus tells the parable of how the son of the King is killed by the wicked tenants.  This is a strong and blunt criticism of the religious leaders. They were the tenants in the story that disobeyed the King, and then killed his messengers than then even his son.  This recounts how the leaders did not receive the prophets and refused to even believe the son of the King. And just like they had killed those before who had come to speak truth to them, now they were going to kill the One who had come to save the people from their sins.

But this stone that the builders rejected has become our cornerstone.  Of the church.  Of our families.  Of our lives.

So, while rejected, He was and remains king.  May Jesus be that cornerstone of our lives.

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