The Rich Young Ruler

Today’s reading is Luke 18: 18-43

rootedchristToday we read the rich young ruler.  He was given the chance to follow Jesus, but he turned the chance down, because of what it would cost him.  He would have had to have sold everything that he owned and he just couldn’t do it.  Jesus demanded that he place Jesus ahead of everything in his life.  Jesus must have first place in his life, over his possessions, his wealth, his stuff.  Jesus gave him the choice to follow or to turn away.

He chose to turn away.

You know what I always come back to in this passage?  Jesus didn’t chase him down.  Jesus didn’t force him to follow.  Jesus didn’t make him.  Jesus gave him a choice.  And then Jesus respected that choice.  He let him choose, and then live with the consequences of that choice.

Jesus does the same for us today.  Today, each day, we have a choice. We can choose to follow.  We can choose to reject.  Jesus lets us choose.  He doesn’t coerce us.  He doesn’t make us.  He let us choose and then we have to live with the consequences of our choice.

Today, what do you choose?  Do you choose to follow Jesus?  Or do you choose to reject?  The choice is yours.  What will you choose? What will you decide?

Today we all get to chose.

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