The Tax Collector and Child

Today’s reading is Luke 18: 9-17

rootedchristWe see in this passage two people who are justified.  When Jesus tells the story, the ones justified would be very surprising to His audience.  The tax collector and a child.

We see the tax collector come before God and confess his sin. We see the Pharisee come with great pride, saying that he was thankful to not be a lowly sinner like that tax collector.  The tax collector simply asked God for mercy.  I what would have been shocking to Jesus original audience, the tax collector was justified, he received grace and mercy.  Why?  He humbly came before God.  He came in humility, asking for grace. And what did he receive?  He received that grace.

Next, we see the child set forth as an example of faith.  In that day that would have been unheard of.  Children were little more than possessions, something to be seen, but not heard.  Children would have been seen as someone who’s faith would be worthy of following.

The two examples of great faith in our text – the tax collector and the child are humble and because of that, the Lord lifts them up as someone worhty of following.

Today we be the same.  May we humbly come before our Lord. When we do, we will find His grace their waiting for us.

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