The Kingdom of God?

Today’s reading is Luke 17: 14-31

rootedchristToday’s reading has within it one of my favorite teachings of Jesus – the kingdom of God is in among you. That’s one of those powerful truths that we can really ponder.  What does it mean?  This is my understanding.

The kingdom of God is a now, but not yet thing. What does that mean?  It means like Jesus talks about later in this passage, the kingdom is coming.  One day the LORD will return and will make all things right.  It will happen.  One day He will return there will be no more sickness, pain and death. Death will be defeated forever.  The effects of sin will be undone.  Life will rule for all of eternity.  It will happen.

Now, it will be a difficult time, as we read. But life will win.  That’s the “not yet” part of the kingdom.

But the “now” part.  The kingdom of God is now, because Jesus is king now.  We don’t live with the hopes that Jesus may be king one day, but with the reality that He is king now.  Now, if He is king, that means we should seek to live as “though His will be done upon earth, as it is in heaven.”  That means working against evil.  That means loving. That means caring. That means being salt and light.  He is king now.  Let’s live with peace.  With assurance.  With hope.  With confidence.  Live in the hope the kingdom.

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