Keepers of the Covenant

Today’s reading is Luke 16: 14-18

rootedchristToday we read Jesus continue to teach about money and possessions to the religious leaders, talking about the law and how it was in effect until John, but now we are in the new covenant of grace, through the power of the cross and the resurrection.  We see Jesus point out that the religious leaders loved money and He tells them that God sees the heart.  No matter how holy they may act, God sees the heart, God sees the truth, and judgment will come because of this.

Now, it may seem odd to have this teaching about divorce come up in relation to money and possession. But always remember that in Jesus’ day, marriage was as much a property arrangement as it was anything, many men would marry and then as their wife would grow older, would divorce her and remarry.  Jesus is saying, no, that’s not the way that God designed marriage to work. Just as the Old and New Covenants, this is a promise. This is not property.  This is a deep and abiding commitment. You don’t just throw away your word because you want to.   That’s not how it works for followers of Jesus Christ.

It’s about the heart based and bound commitments.  With money.  With possessions. With marriage.

May we be keepers of our covenants now and always.

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