The Dishonest Manager

Today’s reading is Luke 16: 1-13

rootedchristToday’s text is one of those ones that I read and I scratch my head and say, huh?  I don’t really get what is happening.  But here’s what I believe that we can learn from this passage.

I think this story has two overarching themes for us.  First, be faithful with what you have.  This is a story of a manager who was in great trouble. So, he used the tools at his disposal and was able to make a way forward for himself with the troubles that he was facing.  He was faithful with the little he had and the tools he had.  He used them.  I think in many ways this can be seen as something my mama used to say – put feet to your faith.  This manager did just that.  He used the tools that he had to make a way for himself.  Maybe it was not the way that I would have chosen. But it was a way.

I think the other thing that comes across is Jesus final word in this passage.  You can’t serve God and wealth.  Man, that’s hard for us to hear. We want to follow Jesus. We want to be successful.  Jesus is not telling us that we can’t work hard, be successful, and have resources. But He is telling us that they can never be our first love. They can never be our driving force. They can never be what defines us.  Only Jesus defines us.  Only Jesus is our master.  Only Jesus is our hope.  Only Jesus.

Today, may He be the true source of our life.

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