The Lost Brothers

Today’s reading is Luke 15: 10-32

rootedchristToday we see the next parable of “lost” things.  We see the lost brother. But in this story, which brother is lost?

Is it the younger brother who basically told his father – I wish you were dead so I could get my stuff.  Then he goes off wastes his father’s money and then has to bury his pride and limp home.  Is he the lost brother?

Or is the lost brother the older brother who was so angry that his younger brother was able to come home and have a huge party thrown, after wasting half of his dad’s money?  Does the anger and resentment that he feels make him the lost brother?

Is it possible that both brothers are lost?  The younger in his pride, greed, and lust?  The older in his pride and resentment?  I think it’s possible.  I think both brothers, in their own ways, are lost and in need of the grace of their father.  That’s what we see. The father forgives the younger and reminds the older that all he has is his.  But the younger brother was dead and is now alive. Come out of your pride.

Both brothers are lost. And through the love of their father, both can be found.  So can you and I.

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