The Lost Sheep and Coin

Today’s reading is Luke 15: 1-9

rootedchristToday’s reading gives us two of the three “lost” parables of Luke 15.  We have the lost sheep and the lost coin.  A couple things to notice in these two parables this morning.  First, notice how it all starts.  It starts by saying that the religious leaders were grumbling about Jesus eating with sinners and tax collectors. Then we see stories about something was lost and then was found. We see when this happens that the person that found the lost item comes home and throws a party for finding that which was lost and all their friends rejoice because that which was lost was found.

Notice this contrast within the text. The religious leaders that were upset that Jesus was seeking to reach these sinners and tax collectors and the friends within the parable that rejoiced when the lost was found.

Which are we? Are we the religious leaders grumbling about those that are in need of saving or we willing to leave the 99 behind to go find the 1?  Are we willing to turn our house upside down to the find that lost coin?  Which part do we play?

Will we grumble or will we seek?

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