Grace and Hospitality

Today’s reading is Luke 12: 41-59

rootedchristToday we read Jesus using the dinner that He was attending as a teaching moment.  Dinners were big deals in Jesus day, just as they are for many of us.  To host a dinner meant that you were providing a place of social interaction, of relationships, and of conversation.  We see Jesus do much teaching and healing at dinners.  Today we see Him heal someone and then give teaching about hospitality to all assembled.

In His healing, on this Sabbath day, Jesus once again shows that the Sabbath exists not for a legal “reason” for rest, for worship, for community.  So, of course, someone, if they could be, should be healed on the Sabbath. The Law Giver would not be opposed to healing coming on the Sabbath. The Sabbath was given for healing, for wholeness. For rest.  They had missed the point of the law in the keeping of the law.

With the teaching on hospitality, we see Jesus take that further. We see Him expand the welcome at the table. Hospitality shown, in hopes of receiving something back, isn’t hospitality.  True hospitality expects nothing in return. It simply gives.

As those that have been shown undeserved grace, that’s how our lives should be. We should show hospitality and grace to others, not because they deserve it, but because that is how grace works. We give freely because we have been given to free.

Today, don’t give in hopes of receiving. Give because you (and I) have been given so much. Give freely as we have been freely given.

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