Your Place at the Table

Today’s reading is Luke 13: 18-30

In our passage today, we see something that at first looks really tough, Jesus’ teaching about the narrow door. We hear this and think goodness, that really isn’t something that Jesus would say.  Jesus would never keep those out that were knocking on the door.  That simply isn’t something that Jesus would do. That simply doesn’t seem like Jesus.

Remember though, when a passage of scripture looks hard or is hard to understand, always look at the greater context. What is the greater context of the passage teaching us?  What doe the surrounding passages of scripture tell us? Well when we read this greater passage, what do we see?  This isn’t an exclusive text, but an inclusive text. We see that folks from all around, from the north, the south, the east, the west, those from all over will stream in and have a seat at the table.

Then what about those that are knocking and not in?  What we see there, remember the context, is that the religious leaders think that they deserve a place simply because of birthright. They think it is their place because of who they are.

Jesus is saying that we each have a place at the table, not because of who we are, but because of who He is. We have great, great worth.  Each of us.  Because of Jesus.

Never forget your worth, never forget your place at the table. But also remember why we get to go through the open door. Jesus.

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