Jesus and Tragedy

Today’s reading iLuke 13: 1-17

rootedchristIn our text today we see one of the more interesting passages in all the Bible, in my opinion.  Today it starts off with the disciples questioning Jesus about a tragedy that has just happened.  Some Jews from Galilee were in Jerusalem, coming to the Temple to worship when the Romans attacked and they were killed.  Thus the text says their blook was mingled with their sacrifices.  The disciples and others wondered about their sins, in that culture people truly believed that bad things happened because of sinful action. So, if they had been killed in this way, surely they had done something to deserve it.  Jesus responds by saying, no, they were no more sinful than those that were killed when a tower from the wall fell on them. So, who had sinned to make this terrible thing happen?

God must be out to get them. They must have done something wrong to cause this to happen. That’s the way that this works, right?

To which Jesus said no.  They were no more sinful than anyone else that was there. Same for those that had the tower fall upon them.  These tragedies didn’t happen because they were bad and people were out to get them. They didn’t happen as punishment by God.  God is not out to get them.

God is not out to get you. We spend so much time in our lives, quite often, believing that God is out to get us. That is not the case. The cross took care of God’s wrath and judgment.  God is not angry with you. God is not mad at you. God is not out to get you.  He loves you.

This passage has always spoken to me and assured me. God is not out to get us.

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