Making a Choice about Jesus

Today’s reading is Luke 12: 41-59

In today’s text, we see one of the more interesting and some would say, troubling passages in scripture.  Here Jesus tells us that He didn’t come to bring peace, but a sword.  He came to bring not unity, but division.  That doesn’t sound like Jesus, does it?  I thought Jesus just wanted us all to be happy, with no problems and everything works out just right.

The funny thing is when we read scripture and see what is actually there is often different from what we think. So, Jesus is telling us that he came to bring division. But why?

Jesus wants us to choose.  Now, He will always respect our freedom. We can choose to follow, we can choose to reject.  The choice is ours.  What will we do?  Jesus has come to cause us, some would even say force us to choose?

What will we do with Jesus?  Will He be our Lord? Will He be the one that we follow? Will He be the one we worship?  Or will He simply be someone that we like what He has to say, but by and by we ignore.

Jesus demands that we make a choice. Follow or not.  Worship or not.  Obey or not.  Jesus calls us to choose.

Today, what will we choose to do?

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