Do Not Worry, Do Not Be Afraid, Be Ready

Today’s reading is Luke 12:22-40

Today we are given three really good pieces of advice by Jesus: do not worry, do not be afraid, be ready.

First, we see Jesus telling us do not worry about the things of this world, food or clothing or shelter.  Your heavenly Father knows that you have need of such things.  God knows we need such things.  God provides shelter and clothing for the birds and the lilies.  He provides for these things, He will provide for you. Trust.  Seek His kingdom. Turn your thoughts and mind to Him.  Seek Him.  You will find all things provided for you.  Seek His kingdom first, because that is where life is truly found.  If you live for the pleasures of this world, you may very well miss life entirely.

Next, don’t be afraid. You Father will freely give.  Give your possessions.  Give your money.  Give your self completely over to God. And He will take care of you. Don’t be afraid.  Don’t fear.  Trust.  Perfect love drives out all fear. Fear is not of God. Trust.  Hope.  Believe.  Don’t be afraid.

And finally be ready.  We don’t know when the Lord will return.  Maybe today.  Maybe tomorrow.  Maybe years from now. We don’t know. But be ready.  This world is not our home. Don’t forget that, don’t get too comfortable. Look with hope toward the future. If you believe that things are bad down and beyond redemption, know that our hope comes from the LORD and He will make all things right. Be ready.  Be ready.  May He come quickly.

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