A Transformed Heart

Today’s reading is Luke 11: 29-54

rootedchristToday we see Jesus give some very harsh teaching.  It is so easy when we think about Jesus to mistake gentleness for weakness.  Jesus was kind, He was gentle, He was loving. But He was not weak.  Today we read Him really go after the religious leaders, and He doesn’t mince words.  He really, strongly condemns them for their sins and for their actions.

His point to the religious leaders is this, they continue to miss the point of the law.  They continue to “do” the “right” things while missing the point of it all – a transformed heart.  A transformed heart will keep the law with their actions because their heart is set on pleasing God.  A heart that is not transformed, even if they are “doing” the right thing, will miss the reason why such things are done.  Then in time, they will no longer do those right things.  In our faith, our actions flow from our heart.  Where your heart is will determine everything else about you. For the religious leaders, their heart wasn’t where it should be.  So, their actions were not either.

They were missing the point of the law.

Let us not make the same mistake.  Let’s seek after God’s heart.  When we see after Him, with all that we are, our actions will fall in line.  God desires holy living, yes. But that holy living starts with a transformed heart.

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