Greatness, Service, and Grace

Today’s reading is Luke 9:44-62

rootedchristToday’s reading gives us several stories all in succession.  Just a couple of points from each section.

44-45, I’m struck by Jesus’ tone – let these words sink in.  He is not playing around.  He means what He is saying.  He wants them to truly understand that the cross is coming.  It unavoidable.  But they could not yet understand.  Pentecost has not yet come.  They did not have the spirit.  The could not truly understand what He was saying just yet.

46-48, We see Jesus continue to turn the tables upside down regarding greatness.  Greatness is not what the world perceives as greatness.  Greatness is seen in the humble faith of a child.  For us, as believers, greatness is not about power or fame or wealth.  Greatness is about that childlike faith and devotion to our God. That is where all greatness comes from.  Greatness isn’t even great. Greatness is found in humility.

49-50, Here we see Jesus expand the “size” of those that are for Him.  Those that are not against Him are for Him.  Remember that God is God of all.  Not just those that agree with Him or serve Him.  Not just those that acknowledge Him. Jesus Christ is king of kings and Lord of Lords.  Regardless.  Nothing will thwart His will.  Nothing will stop His power. Nothing.  He is at work in all things and through all things.  All things will work for our good, but most of all for His glory.

51-56, Here we see Jesus rejected. And we see the disciples ready to strike back.  What does Jesus do?  He rebukes them.  He says no.  He is not there for vengeance.  He is there for salvation.  Jesus was saddened when rejected, but He will never supersede human free will.  We can reject.  He will always show mercy when we choose to return.

57-62, Finally we see Jesus show us that following Him will have challenges.  He is the way to life.  But that way will not always be easy.  There will be struggles and trials.  But He is good, even in the midst of the storm.

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