The Cross and the Glory of God

Today’s reading is Luke 9: 21-43

rootedchristWe see two stories today that leave people in awe of God.  First the transfiguration.  In this story, we see Jesus in all His glory.  We see Him as He truly is.  He is amazing.  He is awesome.  He is worthy of all our honor and praise.  So many times in scripture we see people not fully understand or see who He is.  In this story, all behold the greatness of God.  People are left amazed at God.

The second story is the healing of the child. When the boy is healed, all the crowd is amazed at the greatness of God.  They are truly astonished at how great God is and how powerful Jesus is.  It is awe-inspiring.

But look what comes first.  Before the transfiguration. Before the healing. What comes first?  The cross.  Jesus tells His disciples that He must suffer.  He must be put to death.  This must happen for the salvation of the world.

The cross must come.  It must. But what happens is this.  The cross is what makes everything else glorious, for the cross shows the extent of God’s love for us.  The cross shows just how far Jesus would go to win us back.  The cross shows all of our worth.  It is hard.  It is painful.  But it is glorious. But in the cross, we see just how precious we are God.  The painful cross shows the glory of God’s love.

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