Jesus Meets Our Needs

Today’s reading is Luke 9: 1-20

rootedchristToday in our readings, we see Jesus meeting needs. First, we see Him sending out the Twelve.  They go forth, healing, caring, restoring. They have great power, but their power isn’t theirs.  It is Jesus’.  They are doing their healing, they are doing their restoration through Jesus’ name and in Jesus’ power.  So, while they are the ones “doing” it, they really aren’t doing it.  Jesus is the one that is doing it.  They are only able to do these things through Jesus.  That’s a great reminder to us.  We aren’t the ones that are doing whatever it is that we do for Jesus.  It is always, always, always Jesus that is doing it through us.

Next, we see Jesus feed the Five thousand.  So often Jesus gives spiritual food (most often) but here He is giving literal physical food for the people to eat.  They are hungry.  And Jesus feeds them.  He teaches them, yes. He heals them, yes. But He also feeds them.  He met their need for food. For us in our times of need, know that we serve a savior who will meet our needs. And, just as in the above passage, He wants to use us to meet the needs of others. As Christians, those that follow Christ, we must show concern and care for the needs of others. Their physical needs must matter to us,  just as they did to Jesus. And we must work to heal each of these needs.

And last we see Jesus meet the greatest need in Peter’s declaration.  Peter tells us just who Jesus is.  He is Savoir.  He is Messiah.  He is the one that was sent to save the people from their sins.  Peter confesses that and in that confession He finds life. The same is true for us.  Life is found in Jesus.  Nowhere else.  Peter understood.  May we each!

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