Reach Out

Today’s reading is Luke 8: 40-56

rootedchristToday we see two people healed, Jarius’ daughter and the woman who had been bleeding for twelve years.  I think this text to me shows the courage to believe when life was hard.  Jarius went to Jesus begging, please help my daughter.  He knew Jesus could heal and he was at his witts end.  The woman who was sick took one of the biggest risks in all the Bible.  She was unclean.  In reaching out to touch Jesus, she would have made Him unclean.  No one, in that world, would have ever considered reaching out and touching a rabbi (what Jesus was, a teacher) and exposing them to being unclean.

Yet she did.  Why?  She was desperate for healing.  She had turned to everything else.  Jesus was her last chance.  He was her last hope.  She at the end.  So, she took a chance.  She reached out, she touched, and she found life.  In spite of her fears, she reached out to Jesus and she found life.

So can we today.  Jesus is life.  We reach out to so many places trying to find life, trying to find hope, trying to find the healing that we need.  Jesus alone is that life.  Jesus alone is that hope.  Jesus alone is what we need.

Today, reach out.  No matter what else you have tried.  No matter what else has failed.  No matter what else has been there.  Jesus will not fail you.  He won’t.  He will bring life.  He will bring healing.  He will bring hope.

He will.  Today, reach out to Jesus.  In Him, you will find life.

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