Greater than our Fears

Today’s reading is Luke 8: 26-39

rootedchristThe reading from today is one of my favorite stories in all the Bible.  We see here that Jesus sails across the Sea of Galilee and when He gets there, He meets a man, possessed by demons who is naked, living in the tombs.  This is literally the worst fear for every Jew.  Tombs are unclean.  Demons, obviously.  Nakedness is unclean.  Also, this is a Gentile town as we will soon see because of the presence of pigs.  Everything in this story, everything happening here, was the worst to the Jewish people.  The worst.

And what does Jesus do?  He comes in.  He brings healing.  He brings peace.  He brings health.  He brings life.  He is greater than all things.  All these things the feared and were overwhelmed by, Jesus was greater.  He was stronger.  He was life, in the midst of all of these.

He was greater than their fears.

So is He for use.  Today, whatever it is that you fear, Jesus is greater.  He is stronger.  He is more mighty.  He is LORD.  You can trust Him today, no matter what it is that you are afraid of, you can trust.  You don’t have to be afraid.  Jesus was greater than all of these fears that they had.

He is greater than all the fears that you have.

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