Jesus’ Family

Today’s reading is Luke 8: 1-25

rootedchristAs I read today, I kept looking for a common theme to emerge from the text, and I didn’t really find one, other than this.  We look at the stories, and we see who is part of Jesus’ kingdom.  It isn’t always the ones that you would think at first.  It isn’t always the righteous or the powerful.  But we read today; it is the women that follow Him.  It’s the seed that fell upon good dirt.  It’s not even His family, but it is the ones that do the will of His Father.

The ones that become part of Jesus’ family are the ones that want to become part of Jesus’ family.  The women would not ordinarily have been seen as those that would be worthy to be a part of a religious movement. But they desired to follow Jesus and He brought them in.  Jesus didn’t necessarily default to His family, but He said all that desired to do the will of His Father were His family.

His family was (and is) all that desire to follow.  That means you and me, we are part, if we desire.  If you want to, if I want to, we are part of what Jesus wants to do.

No matter what “place” you have in your life, this is the place that matters the most.  You can be part of Jesus’ movement. You can be part of Jesus’ family.  That’s where your identity, your worth, your very being, that is where is it found.

Today, you can be part of Jesus’ family.

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