Forgiven Much

Today’s reading is Luke 7: 36-50

rootedchristToday in our reading we see Jesus forgive the sinful woman.  When the Pharisee mentions that Jesus, if He were a prophet would be aware of the sinfulness of the woman touching him, he is talking about the purity system within the Old Covenant.  When someone that was unclean touched someone that was clean, that “uncleanness’ would transfer over to the one that was clean.  So, as a religious leader, Jesus should not allow one that is unclean to touch Him, or else He would be unclean.  What we see here is just the opposite, instead of Jesus being unclean, He makes her clean.  He forgives her.  He restores her.  He brings her to life.

There is that beautiful recognition that comes with forgiveness.  When you are forgiven much, you love much.  You understand just how much has been done and as one that has been forgiven, you want to love.

Today, through Jesus, we have been forgiven.  We have.  We have been forgiven, we have been restored.  Know that.  Understand that.  Live in that joy and mercy.  You have been forgiven.  Love much.  For you have been loved much.

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