Seeing Clearly

Today’s reading is Luke 6: 37-49

rootedchristYesterday we read about Jesus command for us to love our enemies.  That is something that is very hard for us to do and is something that can really only be done by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Today, we see another famous passage, but if you look at it in context you see it may be telling you something different than you expect.  In this passage we the teaching about judging where Jesus says to take the plank out of our own eye so that we can help our neighbor take the speck out of there.  When I read this passage, I can almost picture Jesus teaching, motioning with His hands pointing to the huge log in His eye while judging their neighbor for the tiny speck of dust in their eye.  It almost seems like a funny contrast.  But here is something that I think is interesting for us to look at when we think about this passage.  Notice even after we remove the plank from our eye, what do we do?  We help our neighbor remove the speck from their own eye.  What does this mean?  I think it means that we are all sinful and imperfect.  Before I pass judgment on you, I need to take a moment and reflect upon my own sin and my own need for redemption.

Ever gotten anything stuck in your eye?  It’s no fun.  You want it out, as quickly as possible.  When I allow the Holy Spirit to be at work in my life, removing sin from my life, helping me grow closer to Jesus, I can then (by the help of that same Holy Spirit) help you in your pain.  If there is something in your life that I causing you pain, I can help you with that.  I can support you.  I can pray for you.  I can be a friend to you. We all need that.  We all need that help and that strength.  We all need someone helping us out.  When the plank from my eye, I can help you in your faith.

I know it may not sound like it, but in many ways, this passage to me shows that we need each other.  Don’t forget that. We need each other.  You help me with my plank and I’ll help you with yours.  And together we’ll all be able to see cleary what God has for us.

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