Encountering Jesus

Today’s reading is Luke 5: 1-26

rootedchristAs I read today’s reading, I was struck by how each encounter with Jesus truly changed the people that met Jesus, and in truth, even the ones that met Jesus didn’t fully understand who He was and what He was doing. But they knew that He was the path of life. We see Peter and the first disciples.  We see it in the leper.  And we see it the man that was paralyzed.  Each encounter with Jesus leaves those that are there confused and unsure. But they know this.  Jesus is different.

When Jesus enables Peter to make this catch, Peter realizes that Jesus is different and tells Him – get away from me, for I am unclean.

The leper believes that Jesus can heal him if Jesus chooses.  He was unsure if he was worthy of Jesus’ healing touch.

The religious leaders couldn’t understand how Jesus could heal and forgive, and they left that moment saying – something strange had happened.

Each person, the disciples, the leper, the paralyzed man, even the religious leaders, they were all changed by their encounter with Jesus.  While Jesus is fully human and fully approachable, He is fully God.  He is divine.  He changes lives, He changes people.  He saves, He restores, He gives life.

And He is worthy of what happened at the end of the section with people. They left everything and followed Him.  They left it all.  To follow Jesus.  Because He is life. And He is worthy of all our praise and all of our life.

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