Let’s Be Looking

Luke 4: 31-44

rootedchristToday we see a contrast with yesterday.  In yesterday’s reading, Jesus came to His hometown and the people there rejected Him.  The could not believe that He was actually the Messiah, the one sent by God to save the people from their sins.  They just could not believe it to be true, so they rejected Him.

Notice what happens today.  Yes, He heals, but in these healings, the forces of evil, the demonic, they recognize Jesus for who He is.  The ones who should have seen did not, and the ones that you would think would not understand, they understood completely.

I think there is a message for us in this today.  Don’t miss Jesus.  See here’s the thing.  He will be glorified.  Glory and honor and praise will be brought to His name.  It will happen.  The people of His hometown, today,  they had the chance to worship Him and follow Him, but they rejected.

It’s a shame that more honor was given to Him by demons than by His own people.  Let’s not make that mistake today.  Let’s be looking for Jesus.  Let’s keep our eyes open.  Let’s see Him in His Word.  Let’s see Him in our service to and love of others.  Let’s see Him in His body, the Church.  Let’s bee looking for Him.  He will be worshiped and He will be praised.  Today, let’s make sure that we are the ones doing it.

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