Jesus and Rejection

Luke 4: 16-30

rootedchristToday we see Jesus do what no preacher ever really wants to do.  He preached to His home church.  I’ve been able to preach at my home church, Johnston Chapel UMC in Summit, MS, several times in my life.  It’s a humbling experience to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to folks that helped raise you.  Folk that taught you Sunday School.  That mentored you.  That poured into you.  And that also saw your granny pinch plug out of your leg when you wouldn’t behave.  Who saw your mother give you a death stare when you wouldn’t stop talking.  Yes, preaching to your home folks can be a very humbling thing.

For Jesus, though it was different.  The people that knew Him, just couldn’t believe that He was the Messiah.  In fact, they didn’t want to believe it.  It couldn’t possibly be this Jesus, could it?  And look what He says?  Isn’t the Messiah supposed to drive out the hated Romans?  Here’s Jesus talking about good news to the poor.  Who wants to hear that?  So, the ones that knew Him best rejected Him.

Ever felt rejected?  Alone?  Like all the world was against you?  Guess what.  So has Jesus.  We see it here.  His very hometown, the folks that should have been the proudest of Him turn their backs on Him.  The reject Him.  They drive Him out.

But you know what?  He kept being faithful because He has a mission bigger than this.  And so do you and I.  Keep being faithful, even when you feel the sting of rejection from others.  Keep being faithful.  Our Lord will make a way.  Keep trusting.  Keep following.  Keep walking with Him.  He has blazed the trail in front of us.  May we be faithful in walking it.

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